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  - 2.8V to 5.5V Operating Range
- Adjustable Current Limit : 200mA to 2.25A (Typ.)
- Fold-back Short Circuit Protection
- 130uA Typical On-State Supply Current
- 5uA Maximum Standby Supply Current
- Independent Open-drain Fault Flag Pin
- Thermal Shutdown Protection
- Under Voltage Lockout
- Output Auto Discharge Function
- Reverse Current Protection
- TJ2242 : Active High version
  The TJ2242 is single-channel High-Side MOSFET switch optimized for adjustable current limited power distribution requiring circuit protection. The TJ2242 series support the following USB requirements. The TJ2242 series supply up to 2.25A as required by USB downstream devices. Maximum continuous current can be different on the types of package and ambient temperature. Switch's low onresistance meets USB voltage drop requirement. Flag output indicate fault condition to the local USB controller. Soft-start prevents the transient voltage drop on the upstream port that can occur when the switch is enabled in bus-powered applications. Under voltage lockout feature disables the output switches until a valid input voltage. Auto discharge function quickly lowers the VOUT to the ground level when the TJ2242 turns off. Also the TJ2242 include thermal shutdown to prevent switch failure from highcurrent loads and reverse current protection circuit to prevent the reverse current from VOUT pin to VIN pin.
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