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1.5A Very L.D.O Voltage Regulator
  - High Current Capability 1.5A
- Low Dropout Voltage 350mV
- Low Ground Current
- Accurate 1% Cuaranteed Tolerance
- Extremely Fast Transient Response
- Reverse-Battery and "Load Dump" Protection
- Zero-Current Shutdown Mode(5-Pin Version)
- Error Flag Signals Output out-of-Regulation (5-Pin Versions)
- Also Characterized For Smaller Loads With Industry (Leading Performance specifications)
- Fixed Voltage and Adjustable Versions
- Moisture Sensitivity Level 3
  The LM27150 are high current, high accuracy, low-dropout voltage regulators. Using process with a PNP pass element, these requlators feature 350mV (full load) dropout voltages and very low ground current.
These devices also find applications in lower current, low dropout-
critical systems, where their tiny dropout voltage and graound current values are important attributes. The LM27150 are fully protected against over current faults, reversed input polarity, reversed lead insertion, over temperature operation, and positive and negative transient voltage spikes.
LM 27150/1/2
Five pin fixed voltage versions feature logic level ON/OFF control and an error flag which signals whenever the output falls out of regulation. On the LM27150 and LM27152, the ENABLE pin may be tied to Vin if it is not required for ON/OFF control.
The LM27150 are available in 3- and 5- pinTO-220 and surface mount TO-263 packages.
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