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300mA C-MOS L.D.O. Regulator
  - Extremely Low Supply Current(50uA,Typ.)
- Very Low Dropout Voltage
- 300mA Output Current
- Compatible with MLCC
- High Output Voltage Accuracy +/- 1.4 %
- Standard or Custom Output Voltages
- Over Current and Over Temperature Protection
- Small input/output differential : 0.3V for full load
- Moisture Sensitivity Level 3
  The LM1108 is a fixed output, high accuracy(typically 0.5%) C-MOS low drop-out regulator. Total supply current is typically 50uA at full load (20 to 60 times lower than in bipolar regulators). LM1108 key features include ultra low noise operation, very low dropout voltage (typically 240mV at full load), and fast response to step changes in load.
The LM1108 in corporates both over temperature and over current protection.
The LM1108 is stable with an output capacitor of only 1uF and has a maximum out put current of 300mA. It is available in a SOT-23 & SOT-89 package
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